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Education & Training

       I'm a Houston area native.  The typical high school overachiever, I was Salutatorian of Magnolia HS 2006.  I graduated from Texas A&M with a B.A. in Psychology in 2009 with an emphasis on Women & Gender Studies.  In 2014, I received my M.Ed. in Counseling from University of Houston.  I also completed Core Clinical Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy through TIC that year.  I completed my practicum and internship requirements at the DBT Center of Houston from 2013 to 2016.  This intensive outpatient environment allowed me to gain clinical experience applying DBT to a varied and diverse population of clients.  It also offered me the opportunity to co-facilitate, then teach thousands of hours of DBT Skills and attend hundreds of hours of DBT supervision and consultation. 

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Approach to Practice 

    As a DBT Transformation Coach, I help clients let go of the past & get unstuck from patterns of thoughts and actions that keep them from having the life they dream of.  I incorporate research based skills instruction (DBT) with your customized individual plan to give clients a comprehensive framework for understanding and approaching emotions.

Many of my clients have participated in various forms of therapy before, but have found they never really got the long term results they had hoped for. They often have high level of insight, but find themselves stuck in loops that perpetuate the life they already have. They are looking for something different, particularly in the relationship they want to have with the person they are working with. I find this especially true with millennials as we tend to be most unsatisfied with the clinical detachment of the traditional therapist/patient relationship.

As do I!! Which is the main reason I made the transition from clinician to coach!!

The coaching approach allows me to come in as an accountability partner, while the skills provide you with a toolkit you can rely on for the rest of your lives. 

I maintain a deliberately small caseload, which allows for me to be regularly available for realtime coaching for my clients.  Applying the concepts of DBT outside of our time together, is where you have the ability to make the most dramatic changes to your life.   Realtime coaching is added into the value of services and is useful to almost all clients. 

       When it comes to how I practice, I know my unique gift is my ability to connect with my clients and to create an environment where anyone can feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable.  I find the clients that I have most success with are those who have a history of multiple therapies/therapists without ever really finding the right fit.  My presence and authenticity create a safe space for my clients to just be during their sessions.  

I also have a special passion for working with millennials, as I believe the uniqueness of our generational experience has influenced our collective psyche in a way that can only truly be understood from an insider's perspective.

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Some of My Special Interests

Complex PTSD - Not a a recognized diagnosis in the US, but a conceptualization that I think much more accurately accounts for many of my client's developmental experiences than other diagnosis. 

Neurodiversity - Personally ADHD & ASD I see the world through a different lens.  Understanding that my brain fundamentally works different has allowed for me to build a life around the needs of my brain/nervous system instead of unsuccessfully forcing myself into boxes that were made for me. 

Holistic Health - I believe our bodies were created to perform as perfect internal systems.  That means that the goal should be as little medical intervention as possible.  I find it irresponsible of the medical establishment to regularly diagnose and medicate young adults for the rest of their lives.  While medication is necessary (and I never advise making changes without discussing with provider), I believe we can live a life much less dependent on it than we have been led to believe in the past 2 decades.

Feminism - I consider myself a fourth wave feminist.  While I will never push my values down your throat (therapist - duh), I feel it's important that women understand the interaction between power, patriarchy, and mental health care.  We regain our power by making deliberate choices as a consumer and I believe health care is a field that your choices should be well researched and your voice heard.

Mindfulness - The most integral part of DBT.  Mindfulness changed my life by teaching me to control my anxiety thoughts.  Everyone should practice it!!! 

Successful Introverting - I am an INFJ.  For years I thought many of the ways I approached things were symptomatic.  It took really understanding my type to see that this is just how people like me deal with things.  The world today is made for extroverts - us introverts have to pave our own path!

Boxer (dogs) - As an introvert my boxer, Harlow, is my best friend.  He's named after Harry Harlow who is famous for his research on Reese monkeys and attachment/bonding (a lot of our conceptualization of personality disorders has to do with infant attachment).  Anyways, Harlow was said to have been especially distasteful of the animals seeing them only as an equipment of science. Thus the name is an acknowledgment of his contribution to my field while still being a jab by labeling a lowly animal after him. Clients can request Harlow visits at their session!!

Yoga - I am completing a 200 Hr. YTT this spring and am excited to bring body modalities into my services.  I am also certified Reiki practitioner.   The studio I belong to is my sacred space & if you're local to Houston - I highly recommend you visit Wild Spirit Tomball.  

Kickboxing -  True healing is rarely found without the body work.  Kickboxing has allowed for significant release of trauma from my nervous system.  Hope and Jimmy Holmes have taught me so much about strength, power & surrender - GMA is another Tomball spot to visit.  

History of Project Housing in the United States - absolutely my weirdest hyper-fixiation.  Just thought I'd throw it in here 

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